The Advantages of Heat DryinG

Drymatic II Heat Dryer

Drymatic II Heat Dryer


Heat drying is the silver bullet to structural drying Perths dense construction materials such as brick masonry, plaster, timber framing, timber flooring and concrete floors.

We are one of only two companies in Perth to use the Drymatic heat drying system. This state of the art system is just one of the ways we put our water restoration technicians in complete control of your drying environment.

The time it takes to dry a property has a direct impact on the cost of your restoration project. With heat drying equipment on site properties take significantly less time and thus end up being much cheaper to restore compared to traditional restoration methods.

The application of heat greatly help speed up the process of water restoration and works great when used alone or in conjunction with more traditional drying methods including dehumidification. Every project is different and we can best inform you how we will dry your house or property as cheapy and efficiently as possible.

Heat is one of the major driving forces of evaporation. When used correctly, targeted heating can vastly increase the rate at which a structure will dry without causing added discomfort for the inhabitants.

We have found that dense materials such as concrete slab and brick and plaster wall construction, which is typical of a home constructed in Perth, respond incredibly well to the application of heat.

The added energy not only increases the rate of evaporation but also the rate at which the moisture that has soaked deep into the material to comes to the surface.

Target Drying


There is no need to heat up the whole structure, as not only is this a waste of energy but it can make the structure uncomfortable to inhabit during the drying process.

We employ the use of targeted heat drying to put the heat where it is most needed; right into your wet building materials. This not only saves you money on electricity costs but also speeds up the drying process considerably when all the energy is being put where it is needed.

To do this we inflate mats specifically crafted for different areas of your property with warm dry air and the perforations in the mats act as tiny microjets injecting heat directly into the structure. As much of the heat is absorbed right where it it needed most, the property is not being heated to uncomfortable temperatures. The additional energy from the heat added directly to the wet materials which, combined with airflow from the microjets, rapidly increases the rate of evaporation above what is conventionally achievable.

We have found this method to not only dries your materials faster but produces much less noise than traditional drying methods on their own. The convection current that is produced by the heat helps circulate air throughout the room and in turn creates less need for far less high velocity air movers. This greatly increases the comfort of living or working in a property that has been water damaged while drying is taking place.

These additional air movers used when dehumidification alone is the main driving force of evaporation creates a lot of noise in your environment, which is the number one complaint of clients having their home or business restored.

Summed up, heat drying saves you money, time and enables you to remain comfortable in their properties during the restoration process.




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